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5 Cheapest Universities in UK for Indian Students

Students these days are looking for good opportunities to study abroad. This not only gives them international exposure but also increases their chances of employment. If statistically seen, in the year 2017-2018, the number of UK international students was around 458,490. This shows that UK is one of the most preferred study destinations in the world.  

Thus, study in UK is your best bet if you too are planning to go abroad for further studies. Though the UK government offers a wide range of UK scholarships and additional financial assistance, not everyone is fortunate enough to get these scholarships. That’s why it is important to know about the cheapest universities in UK for Indian students.  

But first, let us see what are the perks of studying in the UK. 

Perks of Choosing UK as your Study Destination  

  •  Flexibility of Time: UK institutions offer you with flexible timing, where you can blend both academic and vocational courses together.  
  •  Education is Affordable: The tuition fees you pay in UK universities are much lower as compared to other countries. This makes it quite affordable for you to choose from a number of available universities in the UK.  
  • Quality Education: Do you know that UK ranks among the most popular study destinations in the world? This is because the official bodies of these universities are governed by a Quality assurance agency that ensures you the world-class standard of education.  

Now let us look through 5 cheapest universities in the UK for Indian Students.  

University of Bolton   

 cheapest universities in uk

Initially founded in 1824, the University of Bolton has been awarded as taught degree awarding powers in 1990. Already 11,000 students have enrolled.    

University of Cumbria

cheapest universities in uk    

The University of Cumbria provides you with specialist teacher education and that too at a nominal fee. In addition, this university of Cumbria offers you a local creative arts community that gives media programs a boost.    

London Metropolitan University   cheapest universities in uk

London Metropolitan University provides you with four facilities; Faculty of Business and law, life sciences and computing, social sciences, and Humanities. You get to chance to avail yourself of these courses at a very nominal fee.    

Staffordshire University  

 cheapest universities in uk

Located across two campuses, Staffordshire University offers you a wide variety of “two years” fast track degrees in subjects such as business, computer science, and law.   

Buckinghamshire New University  cheapest universities in uk

Due to its location, Buckinghamshire New University is ranked in the top ten universities of the world. The university tends to have a leading professional and creative influence. It has a very nominal fee too.  


These are the cheapest universities in the UK that provide world class education. If you want to know more about studying in the UK or UK study visa process, you can get in touch with an immigration expert.