How to Calculate Your Express Entry CRS Score

There are different programs to get PR in Canada and one such program is Express Entry Program. Once you meet the Express Entry eligibility criteria, you can apply for the program. This Canadian PR Express Entry Program relies on a points-based system called CRS to evaluate applicants for permanent residency. They look for the ones who have the highest probability of succeeding after they migrate to Canada.   

The Government conducts an Express Entry draw approximately every two weeks. It aims to provide permanent residency visas to candidates who meet the express entry eligibility based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), launched in 2015.   

How Express Entry Program Works?  

The Express Entry program has made the immigration process more transparent. First, you submit an expression of interest and apply as an applicant under any job mentioned in Skill Types 0, A, and B. The profiles are evaluated based on CRS and get placed in the applicant pool. Canadian provinces and employers will access this pool and find talent to meet their needs. The highest CRS points holders are sent an Invitation to Apply for Canadian PR Express Entry.    

We can tell you how you can calculate your Express Entry CRS score. But before that, it is important to talk briefly about the CRS system of granting points to a candidate.  

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)   

The applications for permanent residency are invited under three federal immigration programs – Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). You should be eligible for one of these programs to enter the Express Entry pool, and then a CRS score is assigned. The CRS score is out of 1200 entry points, and getting an immigration invitation will depend on it.  

The CRS score for Canadian express entry is divided into two sections:   

  • The core points   
  • The additional points  

The core point depends on:   

  • Your age   
  • The level of education you possess 
  • Your language skills   
  • Work experience in Canada   

Additional points are given out of 600 points if:   

  • Your sibling has permanent residency in Canada   
  • One has proficiency in the French Language  
  • You have Canadian qualification  
  • Candidate has a valid employment offer   
  • You have eligibility for the nominee program of any province except Quebec. 

Let’s see how the points are calculated for the same.    

How to Calculate Canada Express Entry CRS Points  

Under Express Entry, candidates get a score out of 1200 points based on these four different factors: 


● Human Capital/Core Factors: These factors cover age, Canadian work experience, education, and language proficiency. These are necessary for economic success. You get: 

  • 100 points for age  
  • 140 points for your education 
  • 150 points for language proficiency  
  • 70 points if you have prior skilled work experience within Canada 

● Common-law partner/Spouse: It includes the language proficiency, work experience, and education of your common-law partner or spouse who is accompanying you. The marks awarded are: 

  • 10 points for their level of education  
  • 20 points for language proficiency  
  • 10 points if your spouse has prior work experience  

● Skills: Your transferable skills can help you score extra points on your profile. It could be a combination of Language proficiency, education, or work experience outside Canada.   

  • You get 50 additional points for a post-secondary degree and work experience in Canada.  
  • Another 50 points for official language proficiency and foreign work experience.  
  • You get 50 points If you have a certificate of qualification along with language proficiency.  

● Additional Points: The province can also award candidates 600 additional points. There are also points for job offers.   

  • You get 200 points if you acquire a temporary job before applying.  
  • There are 30 points for French language proficiency and an additional 30 points for a bachelor’s degree or a post-secondary degree.  
  • Having a sibling residing in Canada gets you another 50 points. 

These are the factors that determine your CRS score when applying under express entry. You can calculate your points based on these factors to get a rough idea.  

Final Words  

We have discussed in detail the way to calculate Express Entry CRS Score. If you still have some doubt regarding how CRS score is awarded, feel free to get help from Immigration Consultants in Mohali. We are here for you.