How to Stay Away from Canada Study Visa Fraud

How to Stay Away from Canada Study Visa Fraud

With so many people planning to study in Canada, Canadian study permits are always in high demand but so are Canada study visa frauds. There have been many such cases where Indians in Canada get fooled by visa consultants.  

In Canada, Ontario and British Columbia particularly report a high number of student study visa frauds. We are here as your trusted immigration consultants in Mohali to help you identify student study visa fraud. Read on to find out things to keep an eye on when applying for a Canada study visa so you don’t fall victim to student study visa fraud.  

1. Agents Claiming that You can Work Full Time on Study Permit 

If an agent makes you believe that you can work on a student visa full time without attending classes, it is probably a scam. Stay away! 

You should know that a student visa is not just to get you into the country and find a job there. Student visa is for study. As simple as that!  You may get sponsored by your employer for a work permit given that you are attending a full-time study course on a valid student visa. Employers do not sponsor those without any qualifications or a student visa. If you are made to believe the opposite, suspect it to be a student study visa fraud in Canada. Remember, you cannot gain a work permit without a qualification.  

2. Agents Contradicting the Official Websites 

Go through official embassy and university websites. If your agent is telling you something that contradicts the information on the website, it might be a case of Canada study visa Fraud.  

You should find out your visa application fees along with the university fees yourself. Don’t become a victim of student study visa fraud by paying more than you should.  

No agent can get you admission to a particular university before you apply. The admission process involves applying and then getting your documents checked. The university should validate the letter of acceptance if you’re receiving it from an agent.  

3. Fake Companies Acting as a College 

There is a growing number of Canada visa scams, known as visa mills, where fake companies act as a college to attract international students. According to WES, using an actual visa for attending a fake school is considered a crime in the U.S.  

It’s your responsibility to check the legitimacy of the institution you are applying for. As per the World Education Services, “You might even think that a school seems suspicious, but decide to apply anyway as long as it still counts toward a student visa. This is not a good idea since using that visa to attend a fake school is actually a crime in the United States.”  

World Education Services points out at red flags like “not being able to find comprehensive information about classes online, not easily locating information about student organizations or alumni, and not being able to make direct contact with various relevant personnel.”   

4. Agents Painting Rosy Pictures 

It has become too important to stay cautious when dealing with agents as they can lead you in wrong direction.  Ask your agent the crucial questions without getting trapped in the rosy picture he shows you. Their inability to handle questions and inquiries related to academics can be a bad sign. So, if you do not get clear answers about the SAT, the GPA requirement, study course requirements, you might want to be sure if you are in the right hands.  

5. Consultants Making Commitments on Behalf of the College   

Immigration consultants that make commitments on behalf of the educational institutions in Canada might be involved with Canada study visa fraud. You should always double-check the information about the college. When you are applying for a student visa in Canada, be sure that everything feels right to you.   


International students often fall prey to study visa fraud in Canada. Some recruiters exploit foreigners for their money, labor, and sometimes both. As a student, do not look for shortcuts for getting a valid work permit as Canada study visa fraud can get you in serious trouble. 

If you get enrolled for a course, your student visa should be valid in the first place. You can always talk to immigration consultants in Mohali at Immivoyage if you have any doubts regarding the Canadian study visa.