New Zealand PR from India

How to Get New Zealand PR from India?

New Zealand is regarded as one of the world’s most calm, secure, and clean places to live. Whether it’s having the best culture, good living conditions, delicious food, quality education, or great work-life balance, New Zealand checks all the boxes. All these qualities make New Zealand one of the most popular destinations to live for international citizens, particularly Indians.  

To get a brief understanding of how you can apply for New Zealand PR from India let’s first know what New Zealand PR means. 

What is New Zealand Permanent Residency Status?  

The New Zealand PR allows you to stay in New Zealand for an extended period and gives you many rights that a valid New Zealand citizen would have. You can apply for a New Zealand PR visa from India after having had a resident visa in New Zealand for two years without interruption. A New Zealand PR can help you acquire reasonable job offers depending on various characteristics, like your years of experience, age, and educational qualifications, to name a few. This visa also permits you to travel freely between New Zealand and any other country in the world.  

Now, let’s move further and understand getting New Zealand PR for Indian citizens.  

PR Process for New Zealand from India 


To get PR for New Zealand, you need to meet some requirements like: 

1. Age: You must be 55 years old or younger when you receive the invitation to apply for a New Zealand PR from India.  

2. Profession: If you want to apply for a residence visa in New Zealand, be sure your profession is on the Long-Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL).  

3. Qualification Requirement: You must have a recognized qualification from one of the specified universities, ranging from level 3 to 6. You do not need to undergo a qualification assessment if you obtain your qualification from a recognized institution. But if you have earned your degree from an unrecognized institution, you must first seek a qualification assessment from INZ before submitting your EOI (Expression of Interest).   

4. Ability to Communicate in English: You and your family must pass a test to demonstrate that you and your family members can speak and understand English to qualify for a New Zealand PR visa. The primary candidate must have an overall IELTS score of 6.5 or higher, and dependents must have an overall IELTS score of 5.0 bands. To show your English language proficiency, you can take one of the following language exams:  

  • IELTS Academic or General Module  
  • PTE Academic   
  • TOEFL   
  • OUT  

Eligibility Under Different Categories   

Resident VISA for Skilled Migrants: This is the most suitable option for New Zealand immigrant. You must first submit an online EOI (Expression of Interest). An Expression of Interest is nothing but an online profile. Your profile will be added to a pool of all qualified applicants and will be valid for a year. Based on your responses, you will be awarded EOI Ranking Points. If your EOI is chosen, you will receive notification from NZ Immigration within two weeks. Then, together with the requisite transcripts and other documents, you will have to submit your residence application. You should expect to hear from the immigration office within 10 working days after your application has been processed.  

Do you know? New Zealand’s Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) allows qualified, skilled workers, to acquire permanent residency (PR). Immigration New Zealand manages it under the Immigration Act, and it now targets 26,000 migrants each year.  

Family Category Visa: If you are the spouse/partner, parent, or dependent child of a New Zealand permanent resident or citizen, you can apply for a PR visa under this category. One crucial point to remember is that you must be sponsored by one of your relative who is a New Zealand citizen. 

Business and Investment Visa: If you want to invest in a New Zealand-based company, you can apply for a Business and Investment visa under the Investor Category. Another alternative is to apply under the Entrepreneur Category, which requires you to show your willingness to start a business in the country. Even after you meet all the requirements, the decision to accept or deny your application is entirely on New Zealand Immigration. 

Documentation Required for New Zealand Visa 

Make sure that you have all of the necessary documentation in hand. It’s a good idea to maintain a document checklist so you can cross off each document as you prepare them for your visa application. When preparing to apply for New Zealand PR, make sure you have: 

  • A valid passport with at least six months of validity 
  • Your recent photographs and of a specified size (with white background)  
  • Completed application form  
  • A letter from the employer extending a job offer  
  • Salary slips from the prior employer for the last three months  
  • The former employer’s original leave letter  
  • Acceptance letter from the educational institution  
  • If you have a sponsor, provide their contact information 
  • Your sponsor’s supporting documents   
  • Any further documentation that the authorities may require 

How Does the Process Work Now?   

If you’re a skilled worker interested in applying for a permanent residency visa, the Skilled Migration Category (SMC) is the ideal option.   

a) Educational Assessment   

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) verifies your educational qualifications and compares them to the New Zealand qualification system. For this, you need first to complete the Pre-Assessment Report (PAR) test, which evaluates your educational qualification, i.e., whether your college/university and education meet New Zealand academic standards. If you got your education outside of New Zealand, you must undergo a New Zealand qualification assessment. You do not need to go through NZQA if your overseas qualification is recognized and included on the Qualifications Exempt from Assessment list.    

b) Submission of EOI    

After receiving a favorable PAR report, submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) under the Skilled Migrant Category. To be considered for a PR visa, you must have at least 100 points on the New Zealand points system. The New Zealand Expression of Interest (EOI) is an electronic pool where applicants must provide basic information about their desire to settle in New Zealand. NZ – EOI is a two-stage process in which they must first submit information and then choose a profile and send out invitations.  

Note that the fee for submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) in New Zealand is NZD 530, and the EOI is valid for six months.  

c) Scoring of Candidates  

Candidates with a score of 100 or higher are placed in a pool, with the highest-scoring candidates receiving an invitation to apply (ITA) through the NZ pool’s regular drawings. The residency visa selection score is currently 160 points. This point calculator is only meant to be used as a reference. Its main goal is to provide you with a rough estimate of how many points you would be need to qualified under the current policy.  

d) Verification by the NZ authority  

Once your whole assessment is completed successfully, you are eligible to apply for a PR visa and wait for your ITA (Invitation to Apply). The INZ authority verifies the applicant’s credentials and information. You will be awarded a residence visa if your assessment is positive.  


 Settling in New Zealand can be difficult, if you don’t have the proper knowledge. Hence, it is advisable to consult a renowned overseas consultant for a comprehensive guide and suggestions if you want to go to your ideal destination. You can either look up information on the internet or contact ImmiVoyage, the best immigration consultants and visa experts in Mohali. Explore the website for detailed and easy-to-understand information on a variety of topics related to PR in New Zealand and beyond. Best wishes!