New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand ranks in the top ten happiest countries in the world and is one of the safest places on this earth. New Zealand is well-known for its extraordinary education standards and teaching faculties, with teaching techniques and curriculum that is practical. It follows the English based education system, which makes it a hot destination for international students.

Why Choose New Zealand?

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Career Perspectives

The Government here has introduced a three-year open post-study work visa for all international students studying bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees and PhD qualifications, making one of the best post-study work policies. New Zealand institutions offer Internships, including ‘work-ready’ programs to connect students with MNCs.

Top Universities to Study in New Zealand

Cost of Studying & Living in New Zealand

Students choosing a course for more than one year must have at least NZ$15,000 to help their stay for the first year. An undergraduate degree generally costs between NZ$ 18,000 and NZ$ 25,000 per year while postgraduate degree can cost between NZ$ 10,000 and NZ$ 30,000. Remember that this is just a cost estimation. The actual cost may fluctuate depending on your course, accommodation, and other expenses like commuting, food, etc.

To know about the New Zealand admission and study visa process visit our office. We have a team of expert lawyers and counsellors who will guide you throughout the process.

Requirements for Admission


In New Zealand, worker rights are available to international students while studying. New Zealand allows you to work 20 hours a week on a student visa.

The need for a student visa majorly depends on the length of the course. If the course duration is less than six months, then there is no need for a student visa. However, if the course duration is more than six months, you must apply for a student visa.

Yes, New Zealand has strict immigration regulations. An application is subject to refusal if the applicant has not furnished all the desired information or submitted the false supporting documents. It is better to double-check the application and other supporting documents to avoid refusal of the application.

The time taken by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to process the application can vary depending upon:

  • The requirements of the immigration instructions the candidates are applying under
  • The completeness of the applications received
  • How easily INZ can check the information provided by the candidates
  • How well and how quickly the applicants respond to any concerns raised by INZ