All About Getting a Student study Visa for Australia

All About Getting a Student Visa for Australia

Australia is a popular destination among international students and rightly so because five of its cities are among the best student cities in the world. It attracts international students from all around the world. The Australian government, therefore, provides excellent opportunities to study in their country. We will tell you everything about getting a student visa for Australia, including Australia study visa requirements.  

Application Process  

To get a student visa for Australia, you need to follow an application process. Here are the major steps involved in the Australian visa application process:  

  • Apply for admission  
  • Get an offer letter  
  • GTE  
  • Fee payment  
  • Confirmation of enrollment  
  • Apply Online  

How to Apply Online?  

To study in Australia, you can apply for the Australian student visa (subclass 500) by using the Australia Government’s official online platform. Simply follow the steps to apply on ImmiAccount. You need to register for a medical exam before applying for a visa. After your application, they may ask you to:  

  • Attend a visa interview  
  • Provide evidence that you don’t have any criminal records  
  • Provide additional information  

One also has to provide biometrics during the visa application process. Your biometrics prove your identity through fingerprinting and pictures. Countries use this for security purposes. But applicants from some countries may be exempted.    

Now that you know the major steps involved in the application process, let’s focus on the requirements for Australian student visa.  

Australia Student Visa Requirements  

As an international student, a student (subclass 500) visa is the one you need to apply for. All the international students have to apply for it except those coming from New Zealand. You can get your student visa easily if you have the funds, the right information, patience and the required paperwork.  

The application process begins as soon as you receive the acceptance letter from the Australian university where you want to study. Look for your desired program from one of the Australian universities.  

You will need following documents to get a student visa in Australia:   

  • A complete application form  
  • Original passport along with its copy   
  • Letter of acceptance from the university you applied to  
  • Evidence of funds (62,222 AUD/year which includes tuition fees, travel costs and living costs)   
  • Health insurance that covers your stay in the country  
  • English proficiency test   
  • Criminal record verification results  
  • The student visa cost Australia, which is around 620 AUD for subclass 500  
  • Statement of purpose  
  • Passport-sized photographs  
  • Academic and work experience documents  
  • Those under 18 years of age also need to provide additional documents such as parental consent.  

Band Requirement for Australia Study Visa  

To get an Australian student visa, you need to prove your English skills by taking an accepted English language test like TOEFL iBT, IELTS Academic, or PTE Academic. Among these tests, IELTS is the most preferred by students who wish to study in Australia. One requires a minimum IELTS test score of 6.0 overall for higher studies and 5.5 for immigration.   

Student Visa Cost Australia  

It’s important to have an idea about the cost of studying and living in Australia. Student must have an airfare (AUD 2,000), the course fees. They will need approximately AUD 20,300 for the living expenses depending upon the accommodation one is living in. Married student must have an extra AUD 7,100 for the spouse.  

Scholarships for International Students  

Australian universities understand how important education is for everyone. That is why they provide financial support to the deserving candidates. Students with extraordinary achievements and academic results are eligible for scholarships in Australia. Candidates interested to avail the scholarship should start their application process almost six months before the intake. The eligibility criteria, scholarship amount, and deadlines vary from institute to institute.  

Working as an International Student in Australia  

Student visas usually allow you to work during your study up to 20 hours/week (part-time) during the semesters and full-time on holidays.  

Final Words  

Now that we have talked about the entire process of getting a student visa, we hope it is easier for you to get started. Still have any doubts? Reach out to us. Our experts at ImmiVoyage Consultants will provide you with complete guidance and will be there for you throughout your student visa journey.