Having the documents required for abroad study in advance is an essential aspect of making your study abroad journey successful.

What are the Documents Required for Abroad Study?

Having the documents required for abroad study in advance is an essential aspect of making your study abroad journey successful. But before you start gathering the necessary documents for your study abroad, it is necessary that you know which documents you need. So, let’s find out the requirements to study abroad.  

Documents Required for Abroad Study

Before discussing the documents you will need, it is important to know that different institutions have different criteria for admission, and their document requirements may differ. So, you need to check with the university where you are applying for the exact document requirement. However, there are general documents that you need to have to study abroad. Let’s talk about them in detail.  

Passport size photograph  

Many universities are very particular about the size of a photograph and its background. Check what the right size of photos required is and make sure you have them with you.  

Application form  

This form will have all your personal and professional information. So, make sure you have filled in the information carefully.  

Academic documents  

If you have just finished school and going abroad for further studies, you need your mark sheets, senior secondary certificates (SSC), and higher secondary certificates (HSC). All graduates going to do postgraduate degrees abroad will need their degree certificate and mark sheets.  

Statement of Purpose (SOP)  

Whether you will get admission to your dream university or not will greatly depend on your SOP. So, while writing a statement of purpose, talk about your background, the reason behind choosing your course, why you chose that university, what you want to do after completing your studies, etc. Pay extra attention while you write this essay.  


It includes the record of the courses you have completed, your grades, and the degree you received. If you do not have transcripts, get them from your university where you completed your course.  

Test scores  

To study abroad, you must have proficiency in the English language, especially if you are not a native English speaker. You will need to provide either TOEFL or IELTS scores depending on the country you will study. Some institutions need competitive exam scores for admission. They may ask for GRE, ELSAT, or GMAT scores. Make sure you have your test scores with you.  

Resume/ Curriculum Vitae (CV)   

Keep an updated copy of your resume with you at all times. You can add skills you have, internships you have done, your work experience, or your accomplishment but try to limit your resume to at most two pages. It will help others understand your achievements in your professional life.   

Letter of Recommendation  

It is always beneficial to have a letter of recommendation with you. It can be a letter from your professor talking about your achievements or a letter from your previous employer.   

Work experience documents  

If you are going abroad for your post-graduation, most universities need you to have work experience of a few years. If you have worked before, have a certificate stating your work experience.   

Study abroad checklist to ensure you do not forget important documents  

To meet all the requirements to study abroad, have all the documents mentioned above in a folder. To ensure you do not miss out on anything, make a checklist of important documents. This will help you find these documents when you need them. Be sure you have put together all these documents at least a month in advance. Do not wait till the last minute.   

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